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Remembrances of D-Day - Part 3

Remembrances of D-Day – Part 3

We conclude our remembrance of D-Day with the rest of Dutch Schultz’ story. He finishes his account by sharing the confusing and loss her observed. Carol also shares how his experiences during the war changed her father for the worse ...
Arthur Schultz

Remembrances of D-Day – Part 2

We continue with Carol Vento sharing her father’s, Dutch Schultz, D-Day story. Today, she shares his memories of the Normandy landing. This narrative is from a soldier’s perspective, and the descriptions reflect that reality which may not be suitable for ...
Arthur Schultz

Remembrances of D-Day – Part 1

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Just like our friends in Normandy, we are going to take some extra time this week to listen to the story of a veteran. Today, we share part one of Arthur ...
A WWII Veteran being hugged in France

Changing a Life with Gratitude

Many people here in the States have taken advantage of this long holiday weekend and get away with family and friends. Still more hit the pools and bar-b-que as this weekend marks the "unofficial" start of summer. Don't forget the ...
US Troops disembarking on the beaches of Normandy

Why Is It Called Utah Beach? (A D-Day Primer)

Several months ago, while I was researching an article for The Girl Who Wore Freedom, my daughter entered the room. She watched over my shoulder as I viewed an online interview of a veteran. She asked, “Why do they keep ...
Another Girl Who Wore Freedom

Another Girl Who Wore Freedom

Here in the States we just celebrated Mother’s Day and we would like to honor all mothers for the love and sacrifices they make for their children. This week’s blog is a special tribute from a son to his mother ...
7 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Normandy

7 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Normandy

1. The Film Focus Group Event Ahh, Normandy is so close I can almost feel my allergic reaction coming. For those of you who are new to our journey, last summer, I, Savannah Woods, went to Normandy with The Girl ...
Todd Anton on Omaha Beach

Where America’s Greatness Can Be Found

Last June I had the blessing to visit Normandy. I went to visit my father’s war. I went to France to see the nation where my father and so many of his brothers in arms became men. Somehow, I was ...
Robert A. Miller on Utah Beach

Brothers on the Beach

The beach was calm that day, relatively speaking. Just over 24 hours before, waves of soldiers were disembarking from landing craft. Explosions and gunfire punctuated the morning air. This day was much quieter, though it was still not the vacation ...
Blog post author and his son

10 Lessons I Learned From Normandy

Remember how I said that I hoped my last blog post would be my last blog post? Yeah, whatever. But this was predictable, wasn’t it? After all, I have shown no backbone whatsoever when it comes to turning down my ...

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