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Stack of letters labeled v-mail with an issue of LIFE magazine dated Aug 7th 1944

Because I Love You So, Bernie

In the spring of 2018, I walked into the Antiques of Winfield shop in Winfield, IL, intent on finding WWII-era items to sell at a silent auction for The Girl Who Wore Freedom. I found a stack of papers lying ...
Flo and Dany Boucherie Greet Vincent Sparanza

I Met Love in Normandy

In my lifetime in France—a childhood cradled by its unique sounds and savors and an adulthood steeped in its contradictions, quirks and charm—I only occasionally heard references to America’s role in freeing it from horror. I knew the tales of ...

It is never very crowded at the front

General Creighton Abrams once said, “It is never very crowded at the front.”  On June 6, 1944, the crowds of America and the world stood by and witnessed the fierce bravery of the few who gallantly stormed the beaches of ...
"Tatay" and his nephew at the MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park in Leyte, Philippines.

Tatay’s Story

My father, Saturnino Villero, was a merchant mariner, ferrying passengers, farm animals, and agricultural produce from one island to another in the Philippines. He was at sea for days or even weeks at a time. When my mother told me ...
Movie poster for the movie Fury

7 World War II Movies You Must See

I own more war movies than any other genre. Not that I own very many movies, mind you. I watch most films on Netflix, Amazon, or in the Theater. I also wouldn’t consider war films my favorite kinds of movies ...
Soldiers posting for a photo with veterans

Being Disqualified for Brigade Soldier of the Year – A Blessing in Disguise

My name is Hunter Taylor and in 2015 I was a Specialist serving as a Squad Leader in a heavy weapons unit, Delta Company (Death Dealers) of the 1-506th IN REG. In April, I won the Soldier of the Year ...
Artwork from the cover of The Resistance by Douglas Bond

The Resistance: An Excerpt from Douglas Bond

At The Normandy Project, our mission is to tell compelling stories rooted in the drama and reality of history. Our first feature film, The Girl Who Wore Freedom, documents the profound impact that DDay has had on the people of ...
The Crew for The Girl Who Wore Freedom

A Letter of Thanks to Mr. Dill

Jacob Taylor is a Junior at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN majoring in History and Political Science. In the Spring of 2018, Jacob applied for and was granted The Dill Fund Grant at Wabash. This grant afforded Jacob the opportunity ...
Myron and Myra Miller cropped

Myron Howard Miller, My Daddy

I remember looking for the red glow outlining the tip of his cigarette burning in the dark summer night. I knew he was out there in the yard, sitting by himself quietly, in the white wooden rocker. I didn’t realize ...
Director Christian Taylor of The Girl Who Wore Freedom and others visiting normandy

5 Packing ‘Must Haves’ For A Trip To Normandy, France

1. American Flag Apparel During D-Day, the towns in Normandy fill-up with American and French veterans, American soldiers and families who are visiting for all of the remembrance celebrations and ceremonies. American Flag apparel was a big hit while our ...

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