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World War 2 Victory Mail

Moments in Time

Last week Janie Crosswell Miller introduced us to her parents, Harry and Mary Jo Crosswell. Their story is like so many families from this era that faced long separations because of the war. Their commitment “to remain together while apart” ...
Together While Apart

Together While Apart

Janie Miller and her husband, Bob, became supporters of The Girl Who Wore Freedom when she came across a social media post from our Facebook account. Both of their fathers served in World War II, so honoring soldiers and telling ...
Bastille Day vs. Fourth of July

Bastille Day vs. Fourth of July

Frequently Americans conflate Bastille Day and the Fourth of July; both are a celebration of liberty in their countries, both holidays are ten days apart, and the colors of our flag are the same. While these two celebrations may appear ...
Bastille Day

Bastille Day

Independence is a word that has so many different meanings for each person. To a teenager, independence is something they long for as they get older. For Americans, independence is what we celebrate on the Fourth of July. This week ...
Boys of Pointe du Hoc

Boys of Pointe du Hoc

As a team member at The Girl Who Wore Freedom, I had an opportunity to view the film and give feedback several times during post-production. One story that stands out to me every time is a story told by Marie-Pascale ...
Movie poster for the movie Fury

7 War Movies Not Worth Your Time

Remember, when I said I was done writing blog posts? Remember when I wrote my first blog post and said I would not write a second... then I did? Remember, when I wrote my second blog post and said I ...
CB's Rhino

Viva Les Seabees

Utah. Omaha. We see, in our collective mind’s eye, brave U.S. soldiers storming off landing craft in full battle gear, courageously wading—sometimes swimming—to shore. What we do not see—are the “Seabees” of the U.S. Navy’s Construction Battalions (CBs), whose hard ...
People laying flowers at a memorial in Normandy

Remembering our Heroes

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt This Memorial Day, The Girl Who Wore Freedom team will pause to honor those men and women ...
Billy Cox

Trapped: Baseball and the Enduring Scars of War

As spring slowly creeps into summer, we know there are moments we are all missing. Many of us are missing all the sounds and smells that go with baseball games in the warm afternoon or cool evenings. If we are ...
Sketch of musical score

Scoring Freedom and Hope

During our focus group screenings of The Girl Who Wore Freedom, people are always moved by our amazing score which was composed by the equally amazing Jeff Kurtenacker. Recently, Jeff sat down to answer questions with our podcast team at ...

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