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En souvenir de Tom Rice, 17/11/2022

En souvenir de Tom Rice, 17/11/2022

Nous avons la tristesse de vous annoncer que Tom Rice est décédé jeudi dernier, à l'âge de 101 ans. Tom Rice était un vétéran de la Seconde Guerre mondiale des Screaming Eagles, 101e division aéroportée, compagnie C, 501e régiment d'infanterie ...
World War 2 Victory Mail

Moments dans le temps

La semaine dernière, Janie Crosswell Miller nous a présenté ses parents, Harry et Mary Jo Crosswell. Leur histoire est comme tant de familles de cette époque qui ont fait face à de longues séparations à cause de la guerre. Leur ...
The Crew for The Girl Who Wore Freedom

A Letter of Thanks to Mr. Dill

Jacob Taylor is a Junior at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN majoring in History and Political Science. In the Spring of 2018, Jacob applied for and was granted The Dill Fund Grant at Wabash. This grant afforded Jacob the opportunity ...
Director Christian Taylor of The Girl Who Wore Freedom and others visiting normandy

5 Packing ‘Must Haves’ For A Trip To Normandy, France

1. American Flag Apparel During D-Day, the towns in Normandy fill-up with American and French veterans, American soldiers and families who are visiting for all of the remembrance celebrations and ceremonies. American Flag apparel was a big hit while our ...
“The Girl Who Wore Freedom” crew in Normandy, France working with a group of re-enactors for the film. Photos courtesy of Savannah Woods

Ole Miss Student Helps Film WWII Documentary During Internship in France

This content was originally posted on as "Ole Miss Student Helps Film WWII Documentary During Internship in France" and has been reposted with the author's permission. Many Ole Miss upperclassman apply for internships every summer to grow and gain new job experiences ...
An older veteran saluting a young boy who is saluting him back

Generation to Generation

I’ve been in the classroom teaching US History for nearly 30 years. While we have lessons to teach, there is a constant lesson I believe is necessary, essential rather, for students and teachers to learn and remember. That lesson is ...
Soldier's tombstones in Normandy

Historical Dementia and Barbarism

I hope you never have to experience the blank expression of a loved one who no longer knows you, has no memory of who you are. My father-in-law died a few months ago from Alzheimer’s, a disease that tragically robs ...
An Armistice scene outside the White House in Washington, D.C. GETTY IMAGES

Remembrance Day

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice which ended World War I. The armistice, or ending of hostilities, took effect at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. On this day 100 years ...
Author and translator for The Girl Who Wore Freedom Michèle Phoenix in Normandy

GRUELING GLORY – The March on Carentan

It’s the sound of their boots I heard first, as I stood among pastures on the outskirts of Carentan. Not the ordered, rhythmic thumps of troops marching in formation, but the shuffle of soles over dirt and stone, and unintelligible ...
A young girl waves a US flag in a Veterans day parade in NYC

Veteran’s Day

This Veterans Day, many of us will don a flag-bearing t-shirt or a stars-and-bars scarf, grab a handheld American flag, and head to town squares, VFW halls, or school auditoriums to participate in ceremonies honoring veterans. (Not sure where to ...

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