Remembering Tom Rice, 11/17/2022 | The Girl Who Wore Freedom
We are saddened to share that Tom Rice passed away last Thursday, at age 101.

Tom Rice was a WWII veteran of the Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne Division, C Company, 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment. He jumped in Normandy on D-Day.

Fearless to the end, at age 97 he remembered his fallen comrades in Carentan, France by jumping down as a paratrooper just like they had years before.

In The Girl Who Wore Freedom and Grueling Glory we were able to capture the memories he had serving in the US Army from 1944-1945.

“His memories were vivid. His voice soft as he spoke, his hand shaky as he pointed to the place where he’d set up a perimeter, the tall grass where a German soldier had died, the direction his unit had taken as it moved on toward the town of Carentan” -Excerpt from Grueling Glory

We will never forget the service and sacrifice that Tom Rice gave. We ask for prayers of love and peace for his family and friends.

In honor of Tom, we are offering our short film Grueling Glory – March to Carentan on Gumroad for free. Link: Use code: TOMRICE


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