Nice International Film Festival (May 31-June 4) | The Girl Who Wore Freedom

The Nice International Film Festival will take place May 31st – June 4th. The festival will officially begin at 10am (Paris Time).

Screening passes can be purchased here for £20

NIFF will be hosting a library of films, available to watch 24/7 for the duration of the Film Festival. These films will be hosted in a secure space and can only be streamed online. They will not be available for downloading and they will not be available before or after the Film Festival.

NIFF is a UK company, please kindly consider if you purchase a ticket overnight UK time, you will receive your access till 10 am.

We have been nominated for the Historical Education award, the Best Sound Design Award, Best Editing Documentary, Best Director Feature Documentary, Best Feature Documentary. Stay tuned for results!

The Girl Who Wore Freedom is Headed to the Big Screen!

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