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Episode 224: D-Day Theatrical Release, Guest: David Paterson (The Girl Who Wore Freedom)

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Christian Taylor, Jason Rugg


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Episode 25: More Focus Group Events

Christian has had a chance to catch her breath and is ramping up for focus group events in Denver, Colorado Springs, New York, Branson, and beyond! Find an event near you: These focus groups are being organized and spearheaded ...
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Episode 24: Fatigue

Creating a film is exhausting. Is it even possible to take a break when you're in the midst of creating a feature-length documentary? And what do you do when you want to finish the film, but don't have the money ...
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Episode 23: Getting Feedback

Getting any kind of feedback is hard. If the feedback is only positive, you worry that they're just trying to make you feel good and not being authentic. But it's also really difficult to receive negative feedback! In this episode, ...
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Episode 22: Q&A with Christian

In this episode, host of the podcast Josh Lindsey asks director Christian Taylor a series of questions to better understand what went on at the Normandy focus group screening of The Girl Who Wore Freedom. We'll hear about things she ...
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Episode 21: Social Media

Social media is an important part of promoting any project, but particularly films. In this episode, we meet Anne Evans, our first social media lead and sister of Director Christian Taylor. Anne shares how she got started in this role ...
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Episode 20: French Focus Groups

What does it take to run a focus group event in France? In this episode, Director Christian Taylor shares how the eleven events were planned for Normandy to gather feedback from the five-hundred people who have seen the film.

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Episode 19: Eleventh Hour

Director Christian Taylor is in France preparing to screen the film, but the drive doesn't work. In this episode, we celebrate the first focus group event of The Girl Who Wore Freedom in Normandy, France, discuss the struggle to make ...
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Episode 18: Mississippi Focus Group

In this episode, Director Christian Taylor shares an update after visiting Mississippi and hosting a focus group event for veterans with dramatically moving results. Because we've been so busy with that, we're also reairing Episode 2 of the Documentary First ...
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Episode 17: Post-Focus Group

In this episode, Director Christian Taylor shares an update after running a focus group for The Girl Who Wore Freedom in Normandy for D-Day Celebrations. Because we've been so busy with that, we're also reairing Episode 1 of the Documentary ...
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Episode 16: Next

Director Christian Taylor looks ahead to the next steps for “The Girl Who Wore Freedom” and speculates about what it will be like to watch the film at the first focus group events.

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