Documentary First Podcast Episode 80: David Paterson is Back! | The Girl Who Wore Freedom

David Paterson joins the discussion of moments leading up to the much anticipated Official Selection screenings! The USA Premiere of TGWWF is quickly approaching as the Boston Film Festival will host the USA Premiere in less than a week on September 24! The Lady Filmmakers Festival in Los Angeles screens the day after on September 25 with a panel including editor Bill Ebel, and special guests all the way from France, Flo and Dany. Christian Taylor plans to attend the World Premiere at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in Ohio on October 10, 2020.

Christian explains what it takes to obtain a quick turnaround on deliverables film festivals may ask for. David Paterson presents the big picture of this year’s circumstances causing many to adopt a mentality similar to a herd of cattle.

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