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Up until recently, our documentary team often said something like, “Today’s generation has never experienced first-hand the collective restrictions and tensions that Americans endured in World War II.”

We don’t say that anymore. Because we can’t.

With shortages on everything from toilet paper to flour and stay-home orders across the country, we’re living through a truly historic moment. But it’s not entirely different from the world our grandparents and great grandparents endured.

Here are a few (mostly) authentic WWII posters that speak volumes in 2020.

1. Horse sense.
WW2 Poster with Horse-"Safety it's plain horse sense"

Horse sense. Noun. Common sense.
Examples of horse sense in a sentence:

– Use some horse sense and stay home.
-Good-old fashioned horse sense should be enough to make people wash their hands, but it took a pandemic to drive the point home.




2. We’re all in this together.
WW2 Poster- "We are now in this war"

#truth. We’re in this together. Your actions matter.






3. Looking at summer plans like…

WW2 Poster "Travel ...Not this Summer"






4.When your Instacart shopper can’t find anything on your grocery list…

WW2 Soldier with TP- "Do with Less"
Okay. So, our editor Bill Ebel may have adjusted this one slightly. But it works. We feel it. Please, leave some T.P. for the rest of us.






5. An apple a day…

WW2 Poster-"Healthy Eating"
Quarantine is rough on the diet. Between gyms closing, stress baking, and eating feelings, some of us need a friendly reminder to eat some broccoli.






6. For real.

WW2 Poster "Tired Feeling Prescription"
Kids at home. Work stress. News briefings. Need we say more?






7. Go Jenny!

WW2 Poster "Jenny on the Job"
Shout out to all the nurses, doctors, and essential workers suiting up to help us heal and keep us fed. (And special thanks to Bethany Villero for equipping Jenny with a mask for coronavirus!)





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WW2 Poster of American Flag

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