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Video of The Girl Who Wore Freedom Director Christian Taylor interviews people in Last Vegas

Americans answer: “What is D-day?” – Las Vegas

Feeling down about heading back to work in the morning? Watch this video and let the laughs carry you through your case of the Mondays. Apparently not EVERYTHING stays in Vegas…


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Embedded video of an interview with Danièle Patrix of The Girl Who Wore Freedom

Radio Interview of Dany and Flo – Tendance OUEST, Cherbourg 93.4

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Girl Who Wore Freedom is making headlines! Dany and Flo were recently interviewed ...
Video of WWII Veteran Robert Weber talking about the importance of remembering with The Girl Who Wore Freedom

If You Don’t Understand History…

WWII Veteran Robert Weber, 10th Armored Division, on the importance of REMEMBERING. He believes people should donate to this film ...
Video of Mr. Bradford Freeman talking to The Girl Who Wore Freedom

It Took Tom Hanks to Move a Mountain

“He wrote me a nice letter and told me I needed to go.” Mr. Bradford Freeman, WWII Veteran of Easy ...

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